November 20, 2011

… appears within, throwing shadows out – some frightening, some amusing, some just indecipherable. Revisiting the loathing recorded here reminds me of the path traveled.

So very grateful to have found a place where my work is respected, dreams acknowledged and hopes heard. Perfection? Of course not – who could survive such a thing? A good match? I believe so.

Of course, this is but one sphere of life.


Stranger II

March 20, 2010

No longer rants, merely observations:

Unrelenting awkwardness chafes each movement, and

I do not want to be everything to anyone.


February 17, 2010

Angry. Belligerent. Caustic.

Able. Believable. Convincing.

Awesome. Best. Champion.

Awakening. Bemused. Conflicted.

So now what?

February 12, 2010

More snow? The fates punishing me for hubris? Of course, what sort of egocentric SOB would think snow was his punishment? I gloated of how the cold was more tolerable than the heat, no whining. Damn.