Humiliation enwraps me

May 19, 2010

Interviewed for a job with another university. Received the call this afternoon “we went with the best fit,”which wasn’t me.

Doubt that I’ll ever be a “best fit” b/c was fired from another school. Context is irrelevant. Wrongful dismissal irrelevant. None of those issues appropriate for an interview. So I bite my tongue here, then not well enough there.

Feel as if all of these years – experience, education – have no value. No way to survive… applications out all over – and nothing.  One paycheck away from poverty.



2 Responses to “Humiliation enwraps me”

  1. Lala Says:

    What use is a comment in the vast emptiness of the internet space, where people are words and personalities are themes and your fears are digital drips down the screen? I hope things look up for you.

    • CMD Says:

      This is the digital age’s version of screaming under the El tracks as the train rumbles overhead. The value of both may be questionable, though for some, it’s cathartic.
      Thanks for the well wishes.

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